Please find a brief overview below of the tools and resources we offer to assist investors in their journey to become financially independent through real estate investing.

Listing Platform – Find Properties

Listconn is first and foremost a listing platform to assist real estate investors find properties. We have developed one of the most advanced listing platforms available, which allows real estate investors to not only quickly find properties, but also analyze them within the listing and obtain market data. To learn more about how to access all of the features of our listing platform, please click below:

Real Estate Analysis Application

Calculate the profitability and obtain key ratios for an investment property. We created a simple, easy-to-use application that allows you to efficiently analyze a property. Historically, you would use a large spreadsheet, with many columns and formula’s, but we have simplified the process. Simply run deal setup and enter in the costs and resale value of your property. The potential profit and ratios will calculate automatically. For more info on our real estate analysis application, please click the link below:

Budget Builder

Use our unique budget builder that you can use to customize to your project. Group expenses and use several different customizable options. You can also load a template we developed for the project types listed below and customize each template to your suiting.

  • Cosmetic Fix
  • Rehab
  • New Construction

Our budget builder is more than a simple calculator. We enable you to track task completion. Set a goal date and color code items based on their status. We offer some basic accounting features, such as tracking budget vs. actual and you can also document the date you pay a vendor. Lastly, you can add a percentage-based allowance for contingencies.


We offer a basic loan calculator. Switch between a “principal and interest” loan calculation and “interest-only” loan calculation. To begin, click the link below: