Use our real estate analysis application to calculate the profitability on real estate projects. We offer an easy-to-use web app that replaces the need to use large, outdated spreadsheets.

Simple to Use

Our application automatically calculates the profit/loss and ratios you need to analyze the property. It is highly recommended to first run deal setup, which you will be prompted to run when opening a new project. Then simply enter the below deal information and the results including profitability and potential return will automatically populate.

  • After Repair Value
  • Purchase Price
  • Closing Costs
  • Repair/Improvement Costs
  • Financing Costs
  • Holding Expenses (ex: taxes, insurance, etc.)
  • Selling Costs (optional)

Unless you have a large repair budget with many items, you should be able to analyze a property in 3-5 minutes.

Key Ratios

After the required information is entered, click the “view metrics” button to get key ratios related to the deal. View the potential returns and cost ratios. Don’t forget to use the slider bar to select your project timeline. The calculations are based off the project timeline and any change in project duration will impact the final numbers and ratios.

Track your Cash

In real estate, cash flow is everything. Understand how a deal impacts your cash flow. A real estate deal may look like a good investment, but when you account for the out-of-pocket acquisition costs, holding costs and other expenses the project could be too risky. Also, if you are rehabbing a property and using hard money, you should account for delays, cost overruns and other contingencies. Use our app to see the total cash required, contingency analysis (in Report Center) and monthly burn amounts.

Creating a Repair Budget

Entering a repair budget is quick, fast and easily customizable. We provide two options for creating a budget. For smaller repair budgets, you can enter the repair budget in the “rehab” tab, which only stores the cost name and the amount. For larger, more involved repairs like rehabbing an old house or a new construction, it may be more feasible to use the “project” tab, which requires expenses to be grouped. The project budget provides more options including estimating by units or square feet, budget vs actual, project goal date and task tracking.

Create a Budget Template

Like most people, you may have a unique way of doing things. Create a budget template that can be imported into each project. Our templates are fully customizable. Some investors prefer to group expenses by room (i.e. living room, bedroom, kitchen). Others prefer to group expenses by expense type such as (ex: painting, flooring, finished carpentry). Creating a custom budget template can increase your productivity and make it so you don’t have to set up a project with list of expenses each time you want to analyze a new property.

Use our Templates

Another helpful resource we provide is our own budget templates that you can use for your project. Import a template in deal setup. Currently we have three budget templates available that you can use:

  • Cosmetic Fix
  • Rehab
  • New Construction

These templates may or may not have all the expenses you need, but you can add or delete expenses to customize the template to your project.

Track your Project

For larger projects, organization and planning is key. We have a simple-to-use project tracking feature. Enter goal dates for completing a task/expense and for each expense you can code the item as red, orange or green.

  • Red – Not Started
  • Orange – Pending
  • Green – Complete

Simply the click the dot that by default is the color red and it will change the project status.

Allowance for Contingencies

Better safe opposed to sorry. It’s always a good idea to add a contingency percentage to your calculation. If you estimate the repair will cost $100,000, adding a contingency of 10%-20% is a good habit in the scenario of cost overruns, project delays or additional expenses that you did not account for. To add a contingency allowance, click the settings button in the project module.

Update Data in Real-Time

Our application is lightning fast. For the exception of opening a new project and saving a project, there are no load times. Any change you make updates the results on the summary page and you have the option to save your work if you wish.

All your Investments in one Platform

Manage all your new acquisitions from our platform. Store all your data related to acquisitions including property data, address, photos and analysis calculations in our application. We like to think of our app as the “Facebook” for your properties. Each property has it’s own unique profile and you can sort your properties by type and acquisitions status.

You can also make notes about observations you make of the property or for the investors who do many deals a year you can document the correspondence you’ve had with agents, brokers, appraisers, inspectors, lenders or other real estate professionals.

Report Center

Auto-create reports with the click of a button. Once all the required information has been entered, simply click the “Report Center” button in the upper right corner, you will be able to immediately access 5 reports, which are as follows:

  • Marketing Flyer
  • Profit & Loss
  • Financial Metrics
  • Work Estimate
  • Project Detail